Kennel Cough treatment?

This afternoon my dog started coughing. It’s a hacking cough like she is gagging usually associated with kennel cough. She is vaccinated against it but we go to the dog park frequently and I know it is not effective against all strains. She is active, eating normal, and appears healthy except for the cough every once in a while. I have read that many vets will just let it run its course, and that treatment isn’t necessary in mild cases. I would rather save the 0 if that’s what they will say lol. I just wanted some opinions perhaps from owners who have dealt with this before. Does letting it run it’s course work? Or what treatment did you use? I am going to take her to the vet if it persists or her appetite changes of course. Thank you 🙂
Yes I’m aware its highly contagious 🙂 No more dog park for us for a while lol
Of course I’m not a vet so I can’t be 100% sure but I am fairly certain that’s what it is. Heartworm is unlikely for her since she has been on preventative since she was old enough and stays inside. She just has that cough almost like something is caught in her throat. I’m setting an appointment just to be sure though.

I have a rescue dog from a shelter that apparently had kennel cough, no symtoms…but must be a carrier. Two of my dogs got sick and recieved meds from our vet..but the vet didnt say anything about giving meds to the carrier. She is suppose to get spayed on the 15th…is that possible ? or should i cancel the appt and let them know she is a carrier of kennel cough ?

Is it Kennel cough or can it something be else?

My dog ate a stick yesterday and he has been wheezing on and off like something is caught in his throat. I saw videos of what kennel cough sounds like, and he kinda sounds like that. Only it also sounds like hes trying to spit something up. Is that associated with kennel cough? And why isn’t my other dog doing the same thing. They are the same age and from the same litter. Both get their immunizations at the same time. Both are around the same dogs too. Someone told me to put on a glove and stick my hand down his throat. Don’t sound like a good idea. The vet will be open tomorrow. Please give me any idea on Wat to do till then.


My dog got kennel cough about 3 weeks ago so we took him to the vets and paid over £60 for a injection and some antibiotics, all i know is the anti biotics were baytrill or something like that, went to the vets again today and allthough they know the problem they want to get all these test etc done when all he needs is more tablets because they nearly cleared it. Does anybody know what they are so i can get them cheaper elsewhere because i refuse to pay them again when they should have sorted it the 1st time!!! thanks

I have three dogs, of which, none of them have ever been in a situation like a kennel within the last 2 or 3 years. For some reason, each of my dogs have a hacking cough every once in a while and it seems like they have flem stuck in their throat. They hack for a while and then stop. They probably do this at least once every other day or so. I thought it might be kennel cough, but this has been going on for at least the last six months to a year even. And I was under the impression that kennel cough doesn’t last long at all. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

My dog and kennel cough?

My dog had kennel cough and the vet gave her antibiotics like 4 days ago and she started eating and running around but her cough is still here and her nose is stuffed and running like crazy what is wrong?

Chihuahua… kennel cough?

I have a 14 wk Chihuahua, she has been getting her shots regularly. She just received her 3rd set, including Bordetella. She received that shot 1 wk ago (nasal). 3 days ago she gagged up water with some bubbles (foamy, but not too much.) 2 nights ago she woke up sneezing and snoring (which she never snores..) This morning she had gunk in her tear ducts, watery cold nose, and sneezing still. She has done a louder cough/sneezish sound twice, I googled this and came up with Kennel Cough. Many sites telling me to wait it out, if I treat her with Antibiotics it wouldn’t do anything, since it is a virus, not a bacterial infection. It also said it would weaken her immune system, and possibly take her longer to fight off. I need opinions on what to do. I read some things on echinecea, vit C, gatorade? I just want to make sure I don’t overdose her with those vitamins (if possible), because she is only 2lbs. I called the vet, they want to do exams of course, more money for them!?

HELP!! I just got my little 5 month old labradoodle a week ago from the local SPCA. As if a new puppy isn’t stressful enough, soon after bringing her home she developed a nasty kennel cough. We brought her home friday, took her to the vet monday (The workers at the SPCA said it would get better on it’s own, I didn’t want to chance it, nor does she deserve to keep coughing so hard) who prescribed a 7 day amoxicillin treatment for the antibiotic, coupled with a 3 day prednisone treatment as a suppressant. We’re on day 4.5 of antibiotics, and she is still hacking the night away, and has now started doing a reverse-type cough as well as the usual one (doesn’t cough too much during the day, mostly at night now). She still plays and eats like crazy, and I might just be paranoid, but should I have any reason to believe she’ll need more antibiotics? I guess I’m just worried they aren’t working since I haven’t seen any dramatic results. Any input would be greatly appreciated, I’d love for us to get some sleep soon! And I’d love for my girl to be able to finally experience being a puppy the way she was meant to.

**going to try a cough syrup suggested by the vet**
**should I be turning off the A/C? we don’t always have it on, usually just keep the fan going, but will keeping the house cool during this hott summer slow down her recovery?**
I should add that she does seem to be a bit better, definitely not as bad as she was. Just can’t sleep through the night, she wakes up every couple hours from her coughing.

more questions about kennel cough?

Sorry to keep asking questions that i probably should know the answer to but basically the woman next door who breeds dogs lost a litter of very young puppies and one older dog after they got kennel cough a few years ago and she keeps making me panic and trying to give me advice that just doesn’t sound realistic and I don’t want to keep asking the vet.

Anyway my one year old very large mutt (don’t know if size matters here but he is slightly larger than a fully grown Alsatian) has a mild case of kennel cough and has been to the vet, he is very healthy otherwise and seems to be getting over the kennel cough already (he’s only coughed once in the last 12 hours and that was after he started barking at someone knocking at the door)

1) How long do i need to keep him in for after he stops coughing? she tells me its dangerous to let him out the house for at least 6 months but that cant be right can it?

2) can kennel cough affect humans? im 98% sure it cant but the woman next door has just yelled at me not to let my 3 year old near the dog as my daughter might catch it and die??! the vet knows i have kids and would have told me that if it was true wouldn’t they?

3) is kennel cough actually likely to kill a healthy dog? i mean so long as i do what the vet says and i keep an eye out for any secondary infections?

4) do i actually need to disinfect the bit of garden he goes to the loo in? its nowhere near their property or anywhere that anyones dogs are likely to go.

5) is letting him run around in the garden ok? he cant get out and i am keeping him the other side of my property to her house and im only letting him out when her dogs aren’t outside (shes not got any pups at the minute and isn’t expecting any)

Dog gets kennel cough twice in a month?

I have a 7 month old English Bull Terrier who received all her vaccinations on time. Last month our boss brought his dog into work and mine was there too and both dogs were playing in the back office. I heard the other dog coughing and I ran to the back worried it was choking on something. It sounded awful. My boss was there and said that it had been having coughing episodes quite a bit that week and took it to their vet that evening where it was determined it had kennel cough. 3 days later my puppy came down with kennel cough. I called my vet and told him what had happened and he prescribed me an antibiotic and a cough suppressant. My puppy took the 10 days of antibiotics and we kept her calm and away from other dogs for 2 weeks. After that she was back to being a happy go lucky dog playing and being a super hyper dog. Now, last Friday she woke up with the same honking cough she had before. This time it was so extreme it was causing her to gag and throw up some bile or pieces of recently eaten food. I called the vet right away and he was out for the week but they prescribed me the same meds and I got her started that morning. Her cough is 95% better and only occurs when she get all wound up. I have an appointment this Wednesday to have a full checkup done as soon as my vet gets back into the office.
I am really concerned that she contracted kennel cough again so soon. From everything I have googled, this doesn’t seem normal. And the bad thing about googling is that I find so many other possible things that could be wrong. She is eating, drinking, pottying and everything normally. It is really hard to keep her calm and not let her get too excited but we do the best we can. I have had her on probiotics and enzymes since the first time she was on antibiotics to help keep her immune system healthy. I am doing everything I can, I am just so worried 🙁
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

We have a cavapoo puppy, she is now 14weeks old, two days after her first injection she started coughing so we took her to the vets the next day, they diagnosed kennel cough and sent us home with a weeks worth of antibiotics..they didn’t help at all and we returned a week later to be given more antibiotics, another week went by and we were given a different type of antibiotic as the cough was no better
After going back to the vet AGAIN they took her off the antibiotics completely to see how she goes and she is still coughing!! Throughout the whole time she has still been alert and playful and has been eating and drinking like normal and has gained weight.
The vets have recommended steroids if it still hasn’t changed by tomorrow but i wouldn’t like our little dog to be given even more tablets! She’s practically rattling from all the others! Any advice or home remedies would be really appreciated 🙂

11 year long kennel cough in dog?

I got my now 11 year old female toy poodle at 8 weeks of age from a breeder. She came down with Kennel Cough as a puppy and was treated by a veterinarian. She still has this kennel cough sounding cough/gag/hacking and she has had it all 11 years I have had her. Every day, for 11 years. At about 1 year of age, my mother (concerned about the cough) took her to the vet and was told the cough was just a lasting effect of kennel cough. When I got my own apartment last year (I was a junior in college and fresh out of the dorms), I brought her with me. I never thought twice about the cough since she had done it ever since I could remember. Now that I have her, and she is getting older, I am getting a little concerned. Has anyone heard of a “Kennel Cough” cough lasting this long? I will be graduating in the spring with my BS in animal science minor in biology and had worked in vet clinics for 4 years before leaving for college, so far, I have never been told that kennel cough causes life long coughing/effects. Can it cause life long effects? What else could this be? I have heard kennel cough from working in the clinics, and what she has been doing all her life sounds just like it.
I was 10 years old when we got her, I never considered it an issue until she came to live with me because that was all I knew. And the vet told my mother it was from having kennel cough. We have an appointment with the vet in two weeks (cant do it on this paycheck) but I thought I might see if anyone had any ideas. I’m an animal science major (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, etc.), not a veterinary medicine major. I’ve had more than my fair share of disease and parasite courses, but in livestock, not companion animals. Think that clears up my history and naivety.

Is there something wrong with his jabs or has another dog gave it to him.
He is really sick and could die he is a 5 month lab please answer as soon as possible.

Does my puppy have kennel cough or distemper?

I just got a 3 month old puppy a week ago from the humane society. She had been exposed to distemper over a month ago, and when she saw a shelter vet, they said she was fine, but to keep her away from other puppies for 6 months. She just started coughing 2 days ago. The cough is pretty wet, and phlegm does come up sometimes. She has a little nasal discharge, but not a lot, and has no eye discharge at all. She is still pretty active, and eats and drinks well. I took her to the vet and the vet gave me some pills for her cough, but warned me that she could have distemper and it is fatal. =[ The vet said that she doesn’t have a fever, is hydrated well, but that she looked sleepy. I have to take her back in a week so the vet can check on her. The vet said that even if the cough clears, she is still at risk and could still die in the next 2-3 months. I know what signs to look for such as vomiting and seizures and everything, but what about this cough? Is it just kennel cough or does she have distemper? I love this dog so much, and it would be horrible to lose her. It would tear me apart. I’m really scared. Please help.

I adopted a basset hound a week ago from a shelter. At the shelter and the first day we brought him home he was pretty energetic, playful, ate his food and seemed healthy. The second day he started coughing, refused food and seemed very tired. On that day I brought him to the vet. His temperature was 103 degrees. The vet gave him antibiotic for kennel cough. He said the fever might also be because the dog had just been neutered. It’s been a week now and my dog doesn’t seem any better. He sleeps all day long, coughs, has eye discharge and a runny nose (clear discharge). He will eat canned food, but sometimes has to be coaxed. I’ve never had a dog with kennel cough before. It’s hard for me to tell what is “normal” or not because I just got him. I’m calling the vet in two days (when the antibiotics run out) but until then I’d like some peace of mind. He’s not getting worse, he’s just not getting better. My question is basically, what is your experience with kennel cough? Was your dog so tired? How long before I should expect improvement? Thank you!

Can it be Kennel Cough?

We just got a 4 month old puppy (Pomeranian). I am not sure if this is kennel cough, but he does make that coughing noise that small dogs make when their trachea collapses, and SOMETIMES he throws up a clear liquid. A little more info, he has been drinking a LOT of water (we are going through a heat wave in PA, and even with the air on, it is still boiling).

We are taking him to the vet tonight but I am slightly worries as I sit here at work.

Also, please do not post what Kennel Cough is, that it is contagious, that it is a virus, its like a cold, or any of that stuff. Pleeaassee. I already know all that. I would just like an opinion for what I described in his symptoms please.
Great. Okay, thank you. Anyone know how much the antibiotics cost, so I am prepared to faint at the vets later?
@Walking Lady, did I ask for a diagnosis? No. I asked for opinions. I don’t think actual veterinarians spend all day on Yahoo Answers become Top Contributors and diagnosing problems. If you read my post, he is going to a vet, but I would like other opinions. Thanks.
@Collie, thanks for the personal experience. I just feel bad for him, taken out of where he was familiar and put into a new home… But I do have all intentions of mentioning this to the vet later tonight.

My dog has kennel cough…?

So.. my puppy has the kennel cough and i have medicine and stuff but is a kennel cough like a cold, should be with blankets and in a warm room?? What exactly is a kennel cough? Is he safe to go outside and play? Should he rest a lot more than usual? Or is the kennel cough something that is there but he doesn’t really notice?

Coughing pug, maybe not kennel cough?

Ive got an older pug. Lately hes been coughing (diff times of the day). He seems to be normal otherwise. He just recently threw up, so Im worried. We have other dogs, and none of them show any signs of coughing or sickness. I’ve looked at his gums and can’t tell if they are considered a normal pink or not. Im calling the vet tomorrow to make an appointment, but Just wanting to see if anyone may know what it could be. I feel like his old age is counting down to his end, but i’m hoping whatever it is is treatable. I cant tell if hes in pain or suffering because he acts completely normal aside from the coughing. He is 11 years old.

Any thoughts? I dont think its kennel cough, but maybe it is.

My dog is coughing like he has bronchitis. It sounds like when I have bronchitis. The same kind of cough that sounds mucous-like.
Even when he is breathing once in awhile it sounds like he has mucous inside. Yesterday he sounded like he had a sinus infection but today it’s now coughing.

Is Kennel Cough like this? Or is it just a cough and dry, not like a bronchitis type cough?

Please help. I can’t go to the Vet until tomorrow and I just want to know what to do.
Btw, he is not tired, he plays like normal. He runs around with me and has the energy he normally does. He is eating like normal too. I took him to a dog park all weekend and he was drinking from the same bowls as the other dogs so I think he caught something. Just wondering if it’s serious.
I am giving him heart worm medicine. It is Revolution. Highly effective. 🙂
My boy is 3 years old. 🙂
I finally found some good info. Kennel Cough is bronchitis! That’s why my boy is sounding like he is. Kennel Cough is called: “Tracheobronchitis”.
Wow this sucks!

But anyone who can give me more info.. please do.

How serious is Kennel Cough too a dog like 9?

Im not real sure if she even has Kennel Cough yet! Our Vet take take us til Friday Evening,I’m trying too find one who can take me right away!
My Rescue Poodle is 9..Yes I rescued her and have been babying her and LOVING her for 3 years now,I got her when she was like 6.She has come SO FAR! and This cough she has is worrying me too death Im so afraid of loosing her! She is still some what shy and only really trusts me!
Well…anyways How exactly serious is this Kennel Cough,does anyone out there really know?