My pup was flown in from Ohio to Reno Nevada on March 30th and two or three days later I complained that my yorkie had a cough that wasn’t normal. This dog was sold to me buy a broker who sells dogs for breeders which wasn’t great, however he told me he didn’t have it when he left which I thought was garbage. I research kennel cough and everything alike. My dog on the 10th day of being home started coughing worse and couldn’t breath. I took him to the vet and because he seemed to be somewhat active I was given Clavamox. It didn’t seem to help and a few weeks later it the coughing came back stronger. Again and again the seller told me he’s fine. My dog is coughing like a goose, coughs when he is excited or eats, all the same symptoms of a collapsed tracheal issue which is genetic. I’ve already spent 0 at the vets for just Clavamox. The x-ray will cost 5 if I take him in this week, plus vet fee. My question is if he does have this issue how can I go after the seller and breeder?
This dog was purchased with a visa card. Can I do anything about that?

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