Coughing in early morning/night and after drinking water.
3-5 smaller coughes leading to a wet sneeze.
Gets worse the next day if we walk the her/excercise at all
usually no discharge, if any it’s clear like snot.

Adopted 12 wo Westie pup and had symptoms when we got her. Took her to the vet and she thought it was Kennel Cough and put her on cough syrup and Clavamax. 2 Weeks pass and it was mostly gone. Then came back even stronger and now she’s had it for over 2 months total and we’re afraid to even take the pop outside because it just makes it worse but she needs to be walked!

Got a 2nd opinion, next vet said it’s probably not Kennel Cough, kennel doesn’t last 2 months, yet wanted her back on Clavamex. Also be careful to not walk her in the same areas because allergies might cause this.

We give her an antihystamine but it doesn’t seem to help at all.

I’ll try posting a video on youtube tonight if that helps any.

Westie pup is 5 mo old now. She act healthy during the day though, she just has about an hour of cough fits when waking or late at night and sometimes after water.

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