I rescued my sm. dog at my local animal shelter. When I first got her, I spent time with her at the shelter, and she seemed fine and active. Well I obviously had to have her spayed per the regulations of adoption, so they sent her away to be spayed. When I brought her home, all she does is sleep, go outside for potty, then come in and sleep. She seems like she’s got a cold and cough, cuz she sneezes and coughs often. I have also noticed that when I talk to her she gets all excited and jumps on me, but then retreats to her bed to just hack and cough! Is this normal or is there something wrong? I wish I could take her to the Vet to get her checked out, but they charge an arm and a leg just for a consultation then meds on top of that…. tooooo expensive for me right now…. Is there any home remedies that anyone knows of? Or is this just "kennel cough" and will go away after a few weeks? I’ve only had her for a couple weeks now.. so any info is greatly appreciated! Thanx in advance!!! =)
Thanx Dale A. for your expertise. =) I looked up the possible diagnoses that you mentioned, and found that my dog seems to have not only a cough, but she sneezes alot too. I have to wipe her nose with a scent-free baby wipe because her mucus gets dried on her nose… Your gonna hate me for this, but can I give her baby tylenol or something?? I love my dog, and want to see her better, but I just cant afford to take her to the vet. I didnt expect her to be sick… she was fine at the shelter!! Thanx for your opinion. Much appreciated! =)

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