I have a lurcher and a greyhound. They are both just over two years old. Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed that they are both retching and spluttering quite a lot. It’s not a cough so much as it seems like they are both trying to bring something up. The greyhound also stretches his neck out and does a hard swallowing type motion, accompanied with a weird snorting type sound from his nose. The lurcher always has a drink of water when she starts retching and then brings it back up – she also has a swollen gland in her neck which has not responded to antibiotics (she was attacked and had to have surgery a couple of weeks ago and she was on Noroclav for her injuries). They don’t seem to be unwell in any other way….they are still eating and drinking well and they haven’t got runny noses or any sort of discharge from their noses or eyes. They aren’t running temperatures and are still their usual happy selves.


There is no question about that, but as people can probably appreciate, vets are very expensive and it’s not payday til next week. If they were in distress of course I would borrow the money or whatever I had to do to get them into the vets, but in the meantime I was just wondering if there were a) any dog owners who’ve had experiences with these symptoms b) what they might be and c) what I can do between now and next week to make my babies a bit more comfortable and to put my mind at rest or at least alert me if this is something VERY serious that needs addressing.

I’ve looked up kennel cough, heartworm and all those sort of things but they don’t seem to fit the description of my dogs symptoms.

I did wonder whether dogs can get a dog-equivalent of hayfever. They both certainly seem to be worse since the pollen count has gotten high.

Let me know your thoughts!
Thank you 😉
Sadly my vets do not do that. When Amy got savaged we had to miraculously come up with £500 on the spot….cue borrowing from friends/family etc etc. Can’t possibly ask them all again! Obviously if someone comes back to me through this/I speak to my vet and it turns out this could well be something life-threatening then money will be no object. I’d just rather not rush them to the vets without SOME idea of what’s in store….a) Because sometimes these things will clear up on their own b) Like humans, it’s not good for dogs to overuse antibiotics (which both dogs have had in the last month) and c) so long as they are eating I think it’s a pretty good sign they’re not at deaths door. Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.
It’s definitely some sort of viral or bacterial thing that they have both caught…..they spend a lot of time together and, despite having one each, prefer to share waterbowls/beds/toys etc. It’s very weird. They’ve always had a bit of a gag every now and then (they both eat really fast) but this is maybe 20 times each over the course of a day?

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