I got my 10-wk old puppy from the local shelter this past Sat. She’d already had her 1st set of vaccines & yesterday I took her to the vet for her 2nd set. While there they found she has a Respiratory infection (Kennel Cough), Giardia (protozoan that causes diarrhea), Sarcoptic Mange (a parasite), and a Staph infection. She was very good at the vet…didn’t bark or cry & stood still for the doctor. When we got home that evening with her, we gave the 1st medication for the Giardia & waited until this morning to start her other meds. WELL. My normally sweet, obedient, quiet puppy turned into a MONSTER. Was "playing" VERY rough, biting me & wouldn’t stop, hiding under the bed to chew up the box spring, going after electrical cords, running nonstop. Usually goes to bed @ 9 but was up until 12 & kept us up the entire night, barking/whining/clawing at her cage. What happened? Will she settle down again? The vet even said, "she’s either a good dog or she’s sick." Now what??!
Just to note, she was very playful before – she just listened when we told her no if she got a bit rough.
Does our vet showing us how to do the "alpha roll" and us using that on our pup have anything to do with her behavior??

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