I got my 10-wk old puppy from the local shelter this past Sat. She’d already had her 1st set of vaccines & yesterday I took her to the vet for her 2nd set. While there they found she has a Respiratory infection (Kennel Cough), Giardia (protozoan that causes diarrhea), Sarcoptic Mange (a parasite), and a Staph infection. She was very good at the vet…didn’t bark or cry & stood still for the doctor. When we got home that evening with her, we gave the 1st medication for the Giardia & waited until this morning to start her other meds. WELL. My normally sweet, obedient, quiet puppy turned into a MONSTER. Was "playing" VERY rough, biting me & wouldn’t stop, hiding under the bed to chew up the box spring, going after electrical cords, running nonstop. Usually goes to bed @ 9 but was up until 12 & kept us up the entire night, barking/whining/clawing at her cage. What happened? Will she settle down again? The vet even said, "she’s either a good dog or she’s sick." Now what??!
And does our vet showing us how to do the "alpha roll" and us trying it on her last night have anything to do with her behavior?…

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