My dog is coughing like he has bronchitis. It sounds like when I have bronchitis. The same kind of cough that sounds mucous-like.
Even when he is breathing once in awhile it sounds like he has mucous inside. Yesterday he sounded like he had a sinus infection but today it’s now coughing.

Is Kennel Cough like this? Or is it just a cough and dry, not like a bronchitis type cough?

Please help. I can’t go to the Vet until tomorrow and I just want to know what to do.
Btw, he is not tired, he plays like normal. He runs around with me and has the energy he normally does. He is eating like normal too. I took him to a dog park all weekend and he was drinking from the same bowls as the other dogs so I think he caught something. Just wondering if it’s serious.
I am giving him heart worm medicine. It is Revolution. Highly effective. 🙂
My boy is 3 years old. 🙂
I finally found some good info. Kennel Cough is bronchitis! That’s why my boy is sounding like he is. Kennel Cough is called: “Tracheobronchitis”.
Wow this sucks!

But anyone who can give me more info.. please do.

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