For about four days my dog has been coughing a lot, a dry sounding hacking. He is also retching often, but nothing comes up. He is still eating and drinking normally, and his activity level is fine, however he stops to cough every few minutes. He has had his kennel cough vaccine, but we got back from a dog show a couple weeks ago, so he may have contracted a new strain of it there? He is up to date on all other vaccines as well. When he first started coughing, I figured he just has hair in his throat, but it has persisted and I’m worried for him. I will call the vet soon, but I wanted to see if this cough would go away, but it hasn’t. I’ve tried loosening his collar, that hasn’t helped. I use a prong collar on him sometimes, as well as a choke chain about once or twice a week, but I only touch him with it when I have to, which is not very frequently.

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