as some of you know,… we got a 4-5mth old german/retriever mix from a shelter last wed. we were told she had kennel cough… she didnt. she has distemper with a secondary infection of phemonia, (sorry for the miss spell). so i was givin some meds…Azithromycin to give to .8CCs once daily and Acetylcysteine (20%-10ml) to give every 6 hours. well, after bringing her home yesterday… we gave her a steam treatment (cause of her breathing) as we gently patted the sides of her chest (as the vet recom.) well… she coughed, which was a good sign, but then she sneezed, when blood started dripping from her nose. well, we freaked out, but it wasnt a lot coming out, so we waited. well…. its been nearly 24 hours and she is still dripping blood every 5-10 mins from her nose. bright red, liquid and some mucis (for the women: kinda like a clot)… i cannot take her to the vet tonight. the shelter said, that if the meds didnt help, that they would have to put her down. but they told me.
… they told me to wait 3 days… what should i do… if shes not better in 3 days they want to put her down…

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