I am fostering a dog for a rescue group. She is very old, although we don’t know for sure her exact age. She’s a boxer. She has been having labored breathing with no wheezing or strange sounds. She has a gagging cough, but only on occasion, not frequently like with kennel cough. Her appetite comes and goes and she’s lost quite a bit of weight. She has trouble lying down … it’s almost as if it hurts her to relax. As a result, she spends most of the day standing. She’s drinking more than normal and having urine accidents in the house at night. I’m very worried about her. She’s going in to the vet this afternoon, but I just thought I’d ask and see if anyone has heard of these symptoms before. Also, she was on antibiotics for an infection, but finished them three days ago. All symptoms were occurring prior to the meds being administered.
I’ve had boxers my whole life too … and I would NEVER consider euthanasia as a first option. If her quality of life cannot be improved, then I would move forward with that decision but ONLY after all other avenues had been explored and all other options exhausted.
Update – took her to the vet. She had end-stage canine mediastinal lymphoma and her lungs were filled with fluid. They said she probably wasn’t strong enough for chemotherapy, so we had her put to sleep.

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