I adopted a dachshund mix puppy from our local shelter about 7 weeks ago. He’s about 19 weeks old now. He has been sick ever since we got him. At first, the vet thought it was just kennel cough but after 6 rounds of antibiotics he is no better- actually getting worse, and he has many other symptoms. He is constantly heaving/gagging, barely eats or drinks but tries to eat things like rocks and wood chips, losing weight, lethargic, some foaming of the mouth, restlessness. My vet has absolutely no answers and just keeps giving him antibiotics even though they don’t know what is wrong. Oh, they also did a chest x-ray which appeared normal. Anyone have any ideas what this might be? I AM taking him to a new vet this week but just thought I’d see if anyone out there might be able to give me some advice. I’m at a total loss.

Filed under: Kennel Cough Symptoms

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