I just adopted my 10 week old puppy from the local shelter and she seemed fine.
However, I noticed she was breathing more heavily than normal (while awake and sleeping) later during the day. She also has a runny nose and coughs as if she needs to throw up, but nothing comes out.

I went back to the shelter for some answers, but they simply said she has kennel cough. They told me to give her some children’s cold and cough medicine and the kennel cough will get eventually go away.

I felt a little better, but I still looked up kennel cough symptoms online. My puppy has all of the symptoms but the heavy breathing is not a symptom. Would anyone know what is wrong? She is so sweet and I’m scared of how severe things could get.

The vet was closed all weekend and I am planning to take her first thing tomorrow morning, but I would like to find some answers beforehand, for my peace of mind. Thank you for your help!

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