I recently fostered a litter of 11 for my local animal shelter. They had kennel cough when I picked them up but it cleared up with antibiotics within a week. A few days later, they started to die suddenly. This was a mixed litter ranging from 2 weeks to 5 weeks old. After the 4th puppy died I returned the remaining pups to the shelter for testing where they told me the pups had Toxemia and even though I had rid them of most of their fleas in the week they were here, they also had flea anemia–something about the Toxemia weakend their ability to make blood cells lost from the fleas. She told me to wash everything in the house with a 1:30 bleach every day for a week and also bleach my ground to get rid of the Toxemia. I’ve been looking for information about this but can’t find anything. I want to know what is it, what caused it, how long does it take to show symptoms (did they come with this or get it here?) Is it like Parvo, even with bleach will it stay around for 6 months?

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