Hi! I am living in China and have had 2 puppys that died of what was called canine distemper. It is hard to know for sure if it really was.. Now I have a new puppy I am trying to save .

The first thing every vet does in China is a litmus paper based CDV test on your animal. An easy way to make 80 yuan and quickly blame every know sickness on Canine distemper.

The health care in China is quite poor for people, and even worse for animals. Just recently there was a picture on the front page of Chin Daily of a man dragging a dog behind a motorcyle at 50kph.

Initially 4 weeks ago my puppy had wha I believe was kennel cough, even though the local vet called it parvo. There was no dihareaa or throwing up… go figure…

So after 1 week of antibiotics the kennel cough cleared up. 1 week after stopping the antibiotics my puppy started to have red eyes, and runny nose and wheezing a bit. I dont know if its related, but above his left shoulder almost overnight there is what appears to be an abscess or swollen gland. I guess there are no lymph glands above his left shoulder, and as far as I know he never recieved any innoculations or shots there.

I started him on Amoxicillin and antibacteria eye drops. I gave him amoxicillin, 125 mg 3 times a day. On day five he seemed worse.

For 5 days the mucous in his eyes worsened, and he had fevers peaking yesterday, with heavy labored breathing with what appeared to be fuid in his lungs and coming from his nose.

With his heave labored breathing it seemed similiar to the puppy I had who died most recently.

His paws are dry, I am not sure the difference between dry and cdv hard. The vet as always insisted on another cdv lithmus test and refused to help basically letting me take it home to die. Im now giving up so easy. I believe the dog is suffering from pneumonia.

Is it a result of cdv I am not sure. I have moved up from childrens centrum to adult centrum. I will start vitamin A treatment tomorrow and attempt to get Rebavirin. I chose to stop the amoxicillin after day six and switched to Cefixime. I know its higher than recommended, but as close as he was to death I decided to give 100mg per 12 hours, he has had 2 doses. Already he looks better… not as feverish. Not as close to death.

His stools were health untill 2 days ago . SInce two days he has had no ball movement. His appetite is down, not eating at all yesterday, but improving as he is eating a little today. I have been giving him gatorade every hour since yesterday.

Yesterday his mouth was very dry, even though his skin was not tenting.

He could not swallow the vitamin,,, today after the gatorade it is much better.

A strange thing I noticed was his left ear developed a strange crease on it self and folded back with what appears to be a strange vein ? not blue, but white..

I have been giving him an antibitic eye treatment… clearly there is less mucous from the eye after one day. although the white of the eyes is quite red.

I can not count out CDV, although I know from reading there is no way to quickly test for cdv in 5 minutes with lithmus paper like the Chinese "Vets" scam artists do.

However, if it is CDV, which very well may be? I want to start treatment before it gets to the brain /nervous system.

The initial two puppies, were more serious than my current puppy, by way of diahreaa, straight out stiff neck before death, pnemonia….

This puppy seems stronger and I am going to fight as hard as possible. From what I read on Wiki Vitamin ! and ribivirin have a chance to help against CDV.

I just need to know the proper dosem abd uf there is any danger in giving 100mg every 12 hours of cefixime, or is there a danger in cutting the dosage to the more proper 50mg per 12 hours after initially giving 3 doses of 100mg for the first 36 hours.

Thanks for your help. And remember, for those that say I shouild go to the vet, this is China. I went to 3 vets allready. http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2010-02/21/content_9480924.htm has an interesting perspective of a dogs life in China.

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