I adopted a basset hound a week ago from a shelter. At the shelter and the first day we brought him home he was pretty energetic, playful, ate his food and seemed healthy. The second day he started coughing, refused food and seemed very tired. On that day I brought him to the vet. His temperature was 103 degrees. The vet gave him antibiotic for kennel cough. He said the fever might also be because the dog had just been neutered. It’s been a week now and my dog doesn’t seem any better. He sleeps all day long, coughs, has eye discharge and a runny nose (clear discharge). He will eat canned food, but sometimes has to be coaxed. I’ve never had a dog with kennel cough before. It’s hard for me to tell what is “normal” or not because I just got him. I’m calling the vet in two days (when the antibiotics run out) but until then I’d like some peace of mind. He’s not getting worse, he’s just not getting better. My question is basically, what is your experience with kennel cough? Was your dog so tired? How long before I should expect improvement? Thank you!

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