It’s a super long story but I’ll try to make it as short as possible. I’ve been working at a Veterinary hospital for 5 years. We take in stray animals. Here lately the stray population is out of control. I am in charge of the kennel. My job is to make sure that the animals are clean and fed and also to make sure that the kennels and cages are kept clean. Right now we have about 27 strays. We also have sick animals there for treatment and we do surgeries everyday. So I usually have about 35 to 40 animals that I take care of daily. I am a perfectionist. I always give work 150%. I do the best I can to keep up with everything but it is impossible. The other girl that works on the days that I’m off doesn’t do things like I do. Alot of times I’ll go to put an animal in a cage and have to pull it back out because the cage will have dried poop, snot, or whatever in it. If I wouldn’t put my own dog in it then I sure wouldn’t put someone elses dog in it for fear that the animal might catch something from the animal that was in it before. The Doctors are aware of the problem but no one does anything. So I asked them if we could have a 15 stray animal limit. Now everyone thinks that I hate animals and that I would rather they all just die then have to take care of them. It really hurts my feelings and obviously isn’t true. I work with evil women. Anyway, I told them that if we are going to have so many animals then I won’t have alot of time to make sure that everything stays clean and safe for the clients that trust us to take care of their pets. In the past year there have been several animals that have been healthy who have come to us to get spayed or something routine and when they leave they are sick, either coughing or sneezing or have something even worse. I think thats terrible. Right now every one of our 19 stray dogs have kennel cough and upper respiratory infection except for 2. Hello, thats is a serious problem. The hospital is filthy and I’m killing myself everyday to try and clean as much as I can. I’m thinking about leaving and I don’t know what to do. I love my job but it has gotten out of control. I need some advise. By the way it is mostly the Technicians who bring in all of the strays and then they refuse to help with them. They sit around and eat and talk on their cellphones and read magazines while I’m back there killing myself. What do you think I should do? Should I leave after putting in so much hard work for the last 5 years or should I try to stick it out and maybe try to talk to them again? This is a big life decision and I’m scared to death. This was suppose to be my last job.
Wow. I am very pleased with all of the first three answers. I geuss I was prepared for the worst comments like "suck it up or you’ll have that anywhere you go". What is even worse for me is the fact that I love my boss/owner. I know his heart is in the right place because when he sees a sick stray he can’t say no. He also pays for all of their food and medications and barely has enough money to stay open. If it wasn’t for that I would have probably left along time ago.

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