i’ve seen people on here mention reverse sneezes but what do they sound like? my dog got her bordatella vaccine the other day and since then she has been making these weird noises. it almost sounds the same as when she is hacking stuff up but her mouth is closed and nothing comes out. i don’t know how else to explain it. what does kennel cough sound like? i’ve never heard a dog cough that i know of…i know you guys can’t diagnose my dog but what does this sound like to you? reverse sneezes or kennel cough or what?
thank you Kristen B for the link provided. that sounds like thats probably what it is.

oh and that link provided says that the reverse sneezing can be caused by change of season and pollen, dust and other common allergens. so i guess my next question would be could smoking in the same room the dog is in cause the reverse sneezes?

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