I recently adopted a puppy from the local animal shelter that had a case of "kennel cough," but after getting her home it has become quite apparent that there’s no coughing, only a severe runny nose. She just finished a 10 day run on the antibiotic Clavamox and there has been no change to her nose condition, but I have begun noticing large scabby bumps roughly the size of a pea along the edge of her ears and what appears to be severe dandruff on her left ear which is resulting in hair loss. I took her to the vet today and they are unsure of the cause of the scabs or dandruff, but I was given a sulfur lime dip and a medicated shampoo to treat her. After one usage of the medicated shampoo the scabby lumps began to peel off in large chunks, taking the hair with it. The skin under the scabby bumps appears to be white and extremely scaly, but it doesnt appear to cause her any discomfort as she slept through the removal of the skin. Im sorry for the rather long explanation, but I thought it best to tell everything in case the runny nose and scabby ears could possibly be related. Im simply at my wits end with this! Im most concerned about the ears at this point, however, since she was prescribed another round of antibiotics for her runny nose and I was told that kennel cough does take quite a while to clear up. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this skin condition??

Just in case it helps: she appears to be roughly 12 weeks old, she is a black labrador retriever mix (she has long shaggy hair), she has had the runny nose since June 18, I noticed the scabby/scaly skin roughly 3 days ago, and the most recent treatment given to her is a round of Simplicef with sulfur lime dip.


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