Mother Blue nose Kako and her 2 little boys were abandoned by their human- taken down a dark back road like a gangster would do to “get rid of the evidence.” While mommy is resting and recovering from the horrible experience of almost losing her life and her only remaining family, her 2 little boys, my American Bulldog Appaloosa is baby-sitting. You are seeing the first meeting of 2 baby blue boys, Erwan and Tristan, meeting their new friends after being rescued from the Camarillo shelter by LA animal saviors. The kisses shared between pups and Appaloosa, my American Bulldog, are what instantly transferred a wicked strain of kennel cough from pups to my dog. Though they only breathed the same air for short moments, the germs spread quickly. It came on in an instant, and it came on hard! Cepholexin didn’t work for my dog. But the pups have responded well to meds and are safe, happy, and well- growing and thriving, and are up for adoption. We saved precious lives, so worthy of love, but as a result, my Appaloosa is suffering because the shelter didn’t inform us they had such a severe strain of kennel cough: we found out the hard way! Appaloosa’s health is now in danger: Her blood oxygen level was under 89 when I took her to emergency: she was gasping for air. Appaloosa was on deathrow herself, and she was not being fed as a puppy because “food costs money” — she was scheduled to die, so what’s the point of feeding her? Appaloosa was admitted to Animal Emergency and she

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