walksandwags.com, http Symptoms of parainfluenza virus included many general symptoms seen in other infections, viruses and diseases.This virus is commonly mistaken for kennel cough ,as the symptoms between the two are similar.it’s important to keep in mind that kennel cough usually produces no additional symptoms, other than the cough.symptoms to look for when parainfluenza virus is suspected are as follows, : Dry or hacking cough, that may worsen with activity, fever, difficulty with breathing, wheezing, runny nose, sneezing,runny eyes, eye inflammation, or conjunctivitis, possible pneumonia with depression,loss of appetite. And lethargy. DIAGNOSIS AND DIFFERENTIAYION When parainfluenza virus is suspected but only a cough exists, certain tests will be required to differentiate between kennel cough and the more serious parainfluenza virus.

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