walksandwags.com ,http Walks and Wags interviews,Dr. Roxy Leslie DVM of Village Animal Clinic to answer questions all of us have in regards to Dog Kennel Cough and the parainfluenza .There has been a recent outbreak in Baldwin and Mobile counties. Knowledge is power. The more we are educate ourselves about this, the happier and healthier our furry kids will be . Dogs that go to dog parks, groomers, boarding facilities social or not, are at risk. How does it spread? What to do if my dog gets it. Dr. Leslie working with Pfizer to see if this is a new strain of the virus. If your dog has either, a responsible dog owner needs to keep their dog home 4-6 weeks from any social parks and or daycare.Learn how its transmitted.Learn how often do you need to have your dog take vaccinated? If you have any questions you can contact us at. cindie@walksandwags.com roxyleslie@yahoo.com Follow WALKSANDWAGS on Facebook at facebook.com Follow DR. Roxy Leslie DVM on Facebook at http cindie@walksandwags.com roxyleslie@yahoo.com

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