Veterinary Thieves Or The Practice Of Money. Do Vets Rip People Off? You Decide.?

My dog had a three day episode of vomiting and diarrhea. She has
never had any health problems before so we didn’t have a regular Vet (per se) with the exception for the immunizations (she’s only 2 1/2 years old) and an indoor dog (with the exception of the outside front yard trips to go potty)

Here’s the deal, How is it that one trip to the Vet for vomiting & diarrhea turns into a a now ongoing nightmare of "Kennel Cough" and 1.00 later in a matter of two days, still no real answers with three different opinions and one disagreement on treatment?


Just like Allopathic People Medicine, with all of it’s technology… there is still the thievery that exists within the Health Care Industry, That’s how!

I have a Chihuahua that has been very healthy. She’s 2 1/2. A very active Chihuahua all of the time! About 4 days ago, she developed a diarrhea & vomiting thing. She refused to eat or drink. Of course, I took her to a Vet within two days since the episodes were still happening but not as much or as often as before. Figuring that this might be a viral thing, a gave it a day before going to Vet #1. In the early morning on Friday, We (My wife and I) took her to a Vet in Clearwater, Florida a few miles from where we live who came "recommended" by my wife’s family members. This Vet took her temperature & listened to her chest asked us a couple of questions and checked her for parasites which was negative and then said "it’s probably some viral thing" or "it could be Pancreatitis" but i’m going to give her three injections…. one antibiotic… one for nausea… and one for diarrhea and some Flagyl tablets to take home just in case it’s bacterial… That sounded logical so 0.00 and out the door we went.

The diarrhea and vomiting subsided the next morning, however the dog hasn’t really eaten except for some Ham (she refuses everything else) so not much of anything or drank much so nothing in and nothing out obviously. Resolved? maybe…. except for the fact that about 4 hours after leaving Vet #1’s office the SAME DAY… she developed a cough. A hacking dry cough. So, I made a call to the Vet the very same day when the cough started and they said "uhhh… hmmm…. well if it don’t get better bring her back". The next day (which was yesterday) the cough was worse and they were closed (they close at 3 pm and I got home to my scared wife… and a coughing dog at 3:30pm. as I work … by the way…. in Health Care… (so i’ve seen first hand the nonsense that happens with human beings)

By 4:00pm we were at Vet #2….. at what used to be a reputable place where we took another dog that we had some years ago that had health issues (she’s now in doggie heaven) and where there was a great Vet that we really trusted and thought highly of…. whom was an older man with many years of experience… unfortunately, he’s no longer there and the place has been really "remodeled" and beautified and probably sold off …. (someone’s really doing well financially!) and of course the basic visit fee is .95 to walk in the door! So, what happened? we saw a young Vet…. with two earrings and a wigger beard that had to be less than 30 years old who asked a few questions…. auscultated her chest with a stethoscope and pressed an the Trachea and determined this to be "Kennel Cough". She’s not around any other dogs except for my brother in law’s dog that is symptom free and immunized against Kennel Cough…. but whatever. This Vet (whom is Vet #2) prescribed Doxycycline and Hycodan (Hydrocodone) syrup for the coughing jags and said "If she doesn’t get better then take her back to Vet #1." The cost….. 3.00! Ka Ching!…. Well, later last night…. which is still in the same day and a few hours later after giving her the Hycodan Syrup and Doxycycline … she started breathing very hard & rapid and still was coughing and looked worse than before. By 11:00pm, we were back at SAME Vet hospital as Vet #2) because my wife and I were afraid that she was worsening and don’t want her to get to the point of dying and they stay open 24 hours a day. Anyways, we saw Vet #3….. since there was a shift change…..& here comes a young Czech female DVM that asked some questions (we told her the whole scenario) pressed on her belly… auscultated the chest again with a stethoscope and said…. "The labored breathing is no doubt because of abdominal pain" We should do X rays…. and the cough was probably something she caught at Vet #1’s office…. when I asked how could a virus incubate so fast… she replied "oh they can develop in 2 hours". I’m educated…. and have had advanced courses in Microbiology and Virology years ago in Collage along with Pathology and although I’m not a Vet…. I’ve never heard of this ever in my life. I deal with people medicine for a living. Most all viruses and Bacterial infections have an incubation period
Zellparis wrote: "the only thing i have decided is you are a sad and sick person to mock the president of the united states"

My answer, Excuse me? What’s your trip? Don’t like my Icon? Too frickin’ bad!!!! I don’t particularly like your icon either. I’ve decided that you’re a sad and sick person to try to look like a thug! Not everyone in the world likes Messiah Obama….. so, when our health care turns into that same nonsense of what i’ve dealt with from Vets in the past few days… just remember, you love Obama!

PS: To everyone else….. My dog is showing signs of improvement! 🙂

Still, Vets are wayyyy toooo expensive for their services nowadays!

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