Mayla went to the vet today, and after a talk with her vet, I was sure that getting the Kennel Cough (which was optional) would be okay for my baby and probably the best thing to do. So she gets her last set of puppy shots and we come home an hour later after transferring ownership and everything. Around 3:30pm she was acting a little funny and wouldn’t play or anything. 🙁 I was automatically worried because… well stuff like that doesn’t happen often around here. So I call up there and they ask me to bring her in immediately and say that its a vacs reaction. so I do so, they give her Benadryl and Steroids and send us back home with the instructions that if it doesn’t go down within 8 hours to give her two tablets of adult Benadryl…. Im still waiting on it to go down. ((7:23pm)) ps: please ignore my voice. it is rather rough because i was so tried and worried. XD I ended up laying down next to her and falling asleep shortly after this was recorded.

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