I made this tribute to my puppy Molly after she passed away to cancer last year. She was a bull terrier x cattle dog. I recieved Molly as a present from my parents after getting good grades at the end of year 7. We picked her up from the pound but it was only on the second visit to the RSPCA that I actually spotted her. She was inside the puppy pens, even though she was an adult dog, because she was sick with kennel cough. She’d also gotten so bored in the normal kennels she’d worn down the pads on her feet from walking back and forth. We knew it as soon as we saw her, that we had to get her. We brought her home, and while my family went out to buy essentials I stayed with Molly. We bonded like no other person in my family could have. Whenever she heard my voice in the afternoon coming home from school, she would come speeding down the hallway to me. She never did that for anyone else. She loved walkies, she would go crazy if you even said the word. She also knew the sound of the biscuit barrel well. We did over feed her. But you can see in some of the pictures, that her neck is alot bigger. That was when she had the cancer. Gosh it’s been a long time without her but it still feels like she only left us yesterday. I still miss her. She left a giant hole in my heart. She was my baby, my angel, my best friend and I’ll never forget her.

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