Yesterday Jelly was diagnosed with a moderate Tracheal Collapse. It’s not a rare condition but it is found mostly in toy breeds which Jelly is not. In hindsight he has had symptoms for quite a while. In the past few months it has developed into what you see in this video. He isn’t actually coughing up anything. The tracheal walls tickle when he exhales and trigger a cough reflex. Right now he gets plenty of air though it is somewhat restricted. He has started taking a prescription strength cough suppressant alone with something to dilate his airways. Right now Jelly is fine and can lead his normal life. The drugs should lessen his coughing episodes and except for extreme physical exertion, his breathing is normal. If it gets bad enough there are surgical procedures that hold the airway open with tubes or mesh stent. If you want to know more about this disease check out this website. It has a better description than I can give and they have actual X-rays.

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