kennel coughHave you been looking for a treatment for kennel cough that will not involve hundreds of dollars in vet bills? If so, you should be looking at symptomatic treatment at home to help ease your dog’s suffering.

Dogs who have kennel cough will have a dry, hacking cough about 3 to 7 days after they have been exposed to the disease. It sort of sounds like the dog is trying to clear his throat, and can be triggered by any physical exertion.

Some dogs will regrettably cough all day long for what seems like an eternity. In general, there will be no fever or other symptoms such as loss of hunger. The symptoms of kennel cough will usually last about 7 to 21 days.

The coughing sound can be very annoying for both the owner and the canine. It is rare, however, that kennel cough would be life threatening. Nearly all dogs will recover on their own over time, however there are supplements and medications that can help lessen the symptoms.

The transmission of kennel cough happens much the same way as the passing of a cold does in humans. Airborne organisms are carried through air and water vapors. If the dog breathes in these little particles, they can get kennel cough rather simply. The organisms love the warm, moist surface of the trachea lining and upper airways of the dog.

The disease is called kennel cough because it points to the fact that when dogs are confined together in areas such as a kennel or animal shelter, it is especially easy for it to spread. The same thing is true of humans: during chilly winter months when humans are inside more, it is easy to spread a illness from person to person.

One little known fact about kennel cough is that the infected dog can continue to spread the organisms for days or weeks after they have totally recovered. For this reason, an infected dog should be kept away from other healthy dogs for a good period of time.

It is imperative to note that kennel cough can occur in the cleanest of settings. Do not automatically criticize the kennel owner for the sickness. As stated above, many times a seemingly recovered, healthy dog can still pass the organism on to additional dogs.

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