Supports National Immunization Awareness Month With Event in NYC Times Square The Office of the Mayor of New York City Proclaims August 20, 2009 Pertussis Awareness Day March of Dimes, Sanofi Pasteur and Actress/Mother, Jennifer Lopez Urge Adults to Get Tdap Booster to Prevent Whooping Cough What: Sounds of Pertussis Exhibit in Support of National Immunization Awareness Month When: Thursday, August 20, 2009; 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM Where: Military Island in Times Square (between 43rd and 44th Streets on Broadway) Photo Opps: Giant costumed replicas of the Bordetella pertussis bacterium interacting with consumers; consumers playing a transmission toss game The Sounds Of Pertussis Event: Sounds of Pertussis is a national public awareness campaign that urges adults to get vaccinated with a pertussis booster. This act may prevent adults from contracting pertussis, which is also known as whooping cough, and spreading the disease to the babies in their lives. The Sounds of Pertussis exhibit will be at Military Island in Times Square throughout the day on August 20, 2009. The exhibit will include: large screen TVs playing English and Spanish public service announcements (PSA) featuring spokesperson Jennifer Lopez; a pertussis transmission toss game; and information about pertussis and adult immunization. Giant costumed replicas of the Bordetella pertussis bacterium will be in the area to encourage interest in the event. About Pertussis: + Pertussis is a highly contagious respiratory

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