My dog has had no contact with other dogs since last summer. A few months ago he has the nasal kennel cough vaccine.
Yesterday he finally got to play with our neighbor’s dog in the snow. She is healthy. The past 2 days I haven’t put his coat on when we go out as the snow would have gotten the coat wet, and he has enough hair, but I usually coat him for our walks outside. They played pretty hard and had fun and then I brought him in and toweled him off.
This am he is making kennel coughing sounds and hacking up orange phlegm.
also last summer I had to go out of town for a weekend and my husband watched him. When I came back he was just starting to do the hack cough thing and the next day he was fine.
So given that kennel cough is 3-5 days after exposure and he just played yesterday I’m thinking he just got stressed out?
Obviously I will take his temp later and take him to the vet if it gets worse. But just not sure what could be going on. He’s a terrier mix. Looks like a mini-pin color, has alot of course scruff on his neck and weights 25lbs.
He will be 3 in June.

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