My 4-month old female boxer has suffered from a chronic cough for the past 3 weeks or so where she sounds like a 30+ year smoker hacking up a lung. However, it only occurs around when she has been sleeping (i.e., middle of the night, first waking up). Additionally, she has a runny nose with a thick, sometimes yellow mucus.

I have taken her to the vet where she has been put on two different antibiotics. Also:

1. Her cough has cleared from occuring all the time to what was explained above;
2. The Vet, upon checking her out, said there was no fluid in the lungs and ruled out pnemonia;
3. She recently tested positive for Giardia and just started meds for it.

Has anyone else had these symptoms with his/her boxer? Could it be allergies? Additional symptons of Giardia? For the 1.5 months we have had poor Piper, she has been on various antibiotics.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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