He had his bortella vaccine and still came home coughing, exactly why my MIL said not to ever put our dog in a kennel, but since I was told I was such a horrible pet owner to leave the dog alone for a weekend (with someone checking him 2 times a day) I did what was advised and put him in the kennel.
So the kennel says the vaccine only protects against certain strains not all (NOW they say that)!
So do I need to take the dog now to a vet or b/c it is a virus does it pass on it’s own in time like a common cold virus?
TJ can you read? Yes he has his bordatella vaccine every year as well as is completely up to date on all his vaccines, as well the kennel did have me bring his vet records proving he had all his vaccines and told me they require this of all the pets they board and furthermore told me not to worry about kennel cough since the vaccine would protect him. We in the 5 years of owning him have never once been behind in his vaccines but have avoided all kennels b/c MIL told us about kennel cough. We just moved out of state not even a month ago, we have had not yet met anyone in the area and knew nobody here yet to take the dog, but a coworker of my husband’s was willing to come walk and check on him 2 times a day, the rest of day he’d be at work. We were concerned about kennel cough and the fact that he hates other dogs but the kennel assured us that as long as we paid the extra /day fee he would not ever be around any of the other dogs, they put him a room off the side of the office.
Only after he came home and was coughing and I called them did they tell me how the vaccine does not protect from all strqains, had I known this I’d have never boarded him. Anyway he is coughing much less today than he had been Monday and Tuesday and since we need to find a new vet here in Cali anyway I will take him, but I wanted to know if it was like a child with a cold, is there even anything they can do, I do not want him pumped up with antibiotics (like the doctors did for years with kids) when it is viral and not bacterial just to make some vet richer and help pay for his sports car.
Last time I asked while still waiting for my husband to call me back from work to tell me if he had found anyone willing to check in on him or not, AND I had just been told my BIL DIED AT THE AGE OF 34 in a CAR ACCIDENT!!!!!!IAnd I was suddenly making all te arrangements to travel with 2 kids and I am 8 1/2 months pregnant!
You people are totally ignorant!
This dog is treated very well, he gets an all organic diet, he is groomed every month, he is walked every 3 hours and is pampered. When we leave him even to go the grocery store he gets mad and pees on the rug, (same rug at least), he does not get scolded or anything b/c his trainer (who we did have to let go b/c he cost 0 an hour) told us dachsunds all do this out of anger at thier owners for leaving them. When the weather is mild enough we always take him. Every vacation he goes with, we pay extra for crappy rooms just to have him with us at the hotel, so please stoo being so mean!
And my husband says no way to a strange person being in our home, so a pet sitter we are not friends with is out, there most likely will not be a next time as we managed to go 5 years never experiencing this, but his vaccine papers from the vet said his bortella vaccine was good for one year, not one month, and he should not have needed it again until February 2011 according to his records, so this is first I heard of this and will be calling our old vet in Oregon to ask about it as this is where he recieved it, and the kennel also told me it was good for a year as well when we were discussing the vaccine and my kennel cough concerns.
When I went to the store, she checked my vet records and saw he had already had his bortatella vaccine at the vets and said I did not need the spray at all, I had no idea this vaccine was even for kennel cough we just get what the doctor says to get each time. So we never did use the spray, but he has not been coughing now since this morning seems very happy, he is eating and drinking fine, so I think he will be OK. We need to find a new vet here anyway so I made an appointment for next week, the lady had no prior openings and said it was not anythng to be concerned about since he was coughing less today and had no other signs of sickness. She said just to call back if he would get worse again. I figured it was kind of like a doggy cold.

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