Our old vet we just left said the KC vaccine is required every 6 months regardless. New vet says once a year unless boarded a lot.

Which is right?

Is it a law now. Or is it just the different facilities have different requirements.

New vet says we have the option to vaccinate for Bordetella 2 times a year but not necisarry. Old vet said it was required….along with a whole list of vaccines that I was always under the impression weren’t required so often.

Also 2 vets I know and our vet said that Rabies shot is going from every year to every 3 years (especially since they are giving the 3 year shot annually right now), and several clinics have started that, the whole 1 time every 3 years. Old vet said its against the law not to vaccinate against rabies every year.

Who is right who is wrong. (Old vet was in it for the money by the way, we learned that pretty quick. He didn’t seem to really care about animals that is why we left. We found a place that cared about animals….my dog (that passed away…her old vet when I had her )years ago)
Also at the old vet you had to get your Flea/Tick prevention through them or they wouldn’t treat your dog. If you were a day past on your heartworm meds they would have to do a 35 dollar heartworm test before giving you more.

Other vets say you can go a week off it before being required to do a heartworm test
ADD: Its just confusing. How do you know whats best
ADD: We have found a new vet and he is wonderful.

But after seeing him for a while I’m now questioning why I stayed at the old vet so long. They get such good care here at the new vet

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