So, this time I’m positive that I will be doing Simba’s shots. After a few times going to the dog park I saw a sign! About dogs/cats vaccine. & I am going to get Simba vaccine ASAP! I won’t be going to the vet for his shots because of how much it costs. The vaccine I’m getting for Simba is for a GREAT price!! You cant go wrong with a great price!! (: I will also be doing another video of when I take him to do his shots. I will try to do his shots this months!! (: Vaccines/Prices: Rabies 5-in-1 (DHLPP) Bordetella (Kennel cough) Deworm (roundworms) Total: But I will be doing the dog package which is only ! *****Remember the dog shots prices depends on where your located!***** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you could please help me out by liking this video, it would mean a lot! 🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Links: My FaceBook: KrazyHyperGeorge: PetEntries {sub for sub}: 101DogCares: My Collab: Instagarm: GeorgePetLover ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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