I wrote in last week about my puppy not eating and was coughing, well i took him to the vet and the vet put him on Clavamox antibiotic and gave a prescription of coughing pills to help suppress the cough. While i am still having a hard time getting him to eat…he seems to want to sleep more and is clearly not feeling well. I called the vet again because a couple days ago his cough got worse. The vet said that it’s not going to magically go away and that its going to take some time and also without more tests and possibly a chest X-Ray there is not much he can do. I was just curious if anyone has any home remedies that might help him feel better. I have been boiling chicken for him and he ate last night and today for me so thats a good sign, but now he has a runny nose and has clear and white discharge…is white ok? i know green or yellow is bad but what about the white? Thanks to anyone who has advice or suggestions!
Thanks Susan B. The vet told me that i am probably worrying more than i should. But i will feel horrible if there was something that I could have done but didn’t and he dies…
He started his medicine on tuesday then on thursday i noticed that his cough got significantly worse. I am still giving him the medicine. it’s going on two weeks since we got him from the pound ( wednesday) and he was sneezing and coughing when we got him … he doesn’t sneeze anymore but the cough has gotten worse…does it get worse before it gets better??????

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