I adopted a mixed dog from the Humane Society on May 20. I was told he was heartworm positive, but otherwise he was healthy. 2 days later my dog developed Kennel Cough and I found traces of intestinal worms in his stool. I took him to the vet and they charged me 1.51 to treat these problems and to do bloodwork for his upcoming heartworm treatment. I was told heartworm treatment would cost 0 to 00, which is way more than I thought it would be. I had to wait for his cough to go away before scheduling his first heartworm treatment. When I took him in it cost 1.61 for part 1 of treatment, but in the x-rays a foreign object showed up. Now, I’ve been home with the dog constantly or he’s been in a crate so I doubt he swallowed something at my home. He was severely underweight when I took him home and he has had a lack of appetite since I got him. It’s been a struggle to get him to eat, sometimes I have to feed him by hand to get him interested. Now the vet says it’ll cost me 6 to bring him in and induce vomiting to see if the object will come up. If not, then the dog will need stomach surgery, plus his second part of heartworm treatment which will cost another 0. I don’t know how much surgery will cost.

I still have a week and a half to return the dog to the shelter and get a refund, return all of his belongings to Petco, and get a refund on the pet insurance that I bought but won’t cover because these conditions are pre-existing.

I was willing to cough up the 0 heartworm cost because even though I was mistaken about the cost (I thought it would be 0-0) I knew that my dog had this problem. I am irritated about the other problems that the Humane Society didn’t tell me about, although they probably didn’t know cause he didn’t show any symptoms.

My mom and my fiance think I should return the dog since they think it’s ridiculous that I might have to pay for surgery. I’ve already spent 0 on vet bills and I really love the dog, so I don’t want to take him back. However, I only saved up enough money to get a dog and cover any minor health issues; I just graduated from college and I have to pay back my loans in 6 months so I shouldn’t empty out my savings account to care for the dog.

I’m really torn about what to do. I can’t stop crying when I think about it. I know the reasonable thing to do would be to return the dog since I was under the impression he was healthy and wouldn’t cost too much. But I have really enjoyed spending the last 2.5 weeks with my dog and he’s the sweetest thing. What should I do?
Yes I should have researched how much heartworm treatment cost, but I could only put the dog on hold for 24 hrs, my family was visiting in town, and I had to get supplies and clean house to make it ready for the dog. I AM WILLING TO PAY for the heartworm treatment, but can’t pay for the surgery too.

He has shown NO symptoms for the ingested object aside from being underweight with a low appetite, which he already had when I got him. It has not created a blockage, he poops 3 times a day. It’s unlikely that he ate it at my house since he hasn’t been left alone.

I have pet insurance just for situations like this one. BUT it doesn’t cover this because it happened during the policy waiting period.
Turns out he didn’t swallow anything. Additional x rays show that he has a BB embedded in his skin and the object near his stomach is a pellet from a gun. Somebody shot him twice.

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