I took my dog to the vet 2 1/2 weeks ago and the Dr. said he had kennel cough and gave him an antibiotic injection and an anti inflammatory injection and also his bordatella vaccine. then sent him home with amoxi 400mg and temeril p. he was doing good at first but seemed to have a relapse and is coughing now more than ever, his belly is swollen and so is the bottom of his neck . what could this be….

Just finished taking my dog to the vet and it turned out the first doctor misdiagnosed him. The first Dr. treated him for kennel cough without doing any tests and all the while my dog had congestive heart failure. if it was not for Dr. Happern from lefferts animal hospital, i would have never known my dog was having heart problems. The prognoses was not great, and unfortunately our wonderful dog may not have much longer to live, due to the fact that the swelling of his belly is from fluid and its at a progressed stage. Inspite of it all hes in good spirits, and has a good demeanor. The Dr. told me he is not in pain but is uncomfortable, so we are trying to make him as comfortable as possible.

If there is anyone who has any suggestions i would take them all into consideration at this point . :'(

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