My cousin recently bought a lab puppy from a pet shop.
Honestly, a stray off the streets is probably healthier than one of those dogs.
Not 2 days after she got the puppy she started showing symptoms of kennel cough. It’s been determined that the puppy has pneumonia… she’s completely emaciated. It’s sickening to just imagine how terrible she must feel.
As much as I would love to see these people bleed through the nose – who cares? Nobody cares that a puppy from a mill is sick because the majority of them are.

But I guess my biggest question is.. because the pup is so sick now, is that a sign that she’ll be sick a lot throughout her life?

And if my cousin were to take her back to the puppy shop, what would they do with her? Shove her in a cage until she dies of starvation?
Trust me, I have a mutt.. healthy as a horse. I would have stopped her if I knew she was going to that puppy shop.. All About Puppies – DO NOT GO THERE!!! I just looked it up and found out they’ve already been sued.
Oh yeah, we tried to report them to the police. And after talking to 4 people, they hung up on us.

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