We see it here all the time … somebody asks, "What is wrong with my dog"? Then the inquisitor describes the symptoms. That’s when the fun begins.

All the "licensed veterinarians" on YA are quick to chime in with an array of specific illnesses, as well as treatments for the afflictions. The only thing I haven’t seen yet on YA is a valid prescription!
It’s one thing when someone replys, "My dog has (had) ____, and these are my experiences …". But folks here are quick to diagnose parvovirus, kennel cough, hip dysplasia et al, as well as treatments for these afflictions.
If I was a licensed veterinarian (I’m not), I would do a thorough hands on exam and possibly lab tests before I ever diagnosed a pet. You can’t do that online!
So here’s my question: What’s worse … people asking for veterinary advice (especially when it’s obvious they should be at the vet), or folks offering veterinary advice (especially when they’re not qualified)?
Hi DPowers – I don’t believe it would be easy to spot parvo just because your dog had it. Remember … we’re online, not hands on. Also, are you so sure that there aren’t other diseases with similar symptoms?
Armchair vets … I like that one!
Hi M L – I’d rather see people say, "you dimwit" rather than something like, "OMG! Your dog has parvo! Get to the vet ASAP!"
Hi TickToc: Thumbs up for your comment on my avatar – my boy Bailey (7yrs old)
Hi mtpkt74: If people on YA didn’t ask health questions about their dog, what would they talk about? I can think of a few things: nutrition, training, grooming, equipment, breeding etc. Heck, I’d love to read somebody chime in with a brag of something they accomplished with their dog! That would be refreshing.
Hi st.lady: You make an interesting point. I’d take Torbay Newfs dog advice over many of the top contributors on YA.

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