Read Here for Sassy’s story… My family got Sassy in October 1997. Sassy was a tough kitten, picking fights with our other cat, Autumn (Died).After Autumn was gone we got Sparkle, Sassy’s younger sister, they were as close as ever. Sassy loved playing, she was really fun to play with, she always made us laugh. Sparkle was the loveable one, she loved to cuddle with us… Sassy was getting older and my parents knew some things that can happen to animals when they get older, we hoped nothing would happen. … Sassy looked fine last night, all healthy and cheerful… 7:13am: I had been sleeping, waiting till my parents woke me up (I was going to be babysitting for my auntie and uncle today), my dad came and woke me up earlier than he said he would… he said ” I’m waking you up earlier, I have to take Sassy to the vet.” That snapped me awake, I asked what had happened to her and I found out these details: This morning Sassy’s backlegs weren’t working, she was dragging herself across the floor, shortly after my parents noticed that Sassy began panting and moaning, She wouldn’t let anyone touch her. So my parents got kennel and had started getting ready to take her to the vet. I had woken up instantly and walked towards the kitchen, were I heard Sassy moaning. Sassy was in the Kennel, ears down, mouth open panting as hard as ever, I pet her through the cage and tried to soothe her… 7:30am: my parents left with Sassy, they left a note for my brothers “Took Sassy to Vet, we

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