has been permanently shut down. TO donate to Goldie’s Care, visit the dogliberator and use the paypal button there, or send a check to Dr. Susan Wayne, Murphy Vet. Clinic, 2620 Orlando Dr., Sanford, FL 32773 Goldie Hawn will arrive here on August 29th. She is 4-5 months old and gorgeous! I’m anxious to see her interact with my dogs and my family so that I can evaluate her personality. Update 09 I almost lost Goldie this morning. I noticed she was having a hard time breathing, but it was alarming. She has been on antibiodics for a while for Kennel Cough, and last week Doc Wayne changed the medication, and felt she had pnemonia. Even though I did not hear her cough last night, she scared me today. As I was on the way to Doc Wayne in Sanford, knowing it was at least a 20 minute drive, Goldie’s gums turned grey, then white, and she could not breath at all. I turned back and went to a vet that is very close to my home. Within minutes, I was seen. They informed me that Goldie should undergo testing to identify what is wrong with her, identify the type of infection, undergo a series of xrays, be hospitalized with fluids, and a host of other procedures. While I agreed with the vet, I simply asked for an immediate breathing treatment of oxygen and medications that would open up her airways. They were not interested in treating her immediate problem. I believe they were asking me to approve thousands of dollars worth of expenses, something

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