After losing our last dog to liver disease last year, we found at the SPCA. She smelled bad, was severely underweight, had ear & eye infections and bad teeth. She needed us, so we adopted her.

"Gertie" had a dental with many extractions, head rads & rhinoscopy to determine why her nose always was congested, raw and oozing green mucous. She had a full health exam, including bloodwork for heartworm (negative). She was outwardly healthy when she had her dental, scoping and head x-rays a few months ago. But she’s always had a cough — which the doctors & I dismissed to either kennel cough due to the vaccine, or trachael irritation due to being intubated for her procedure.

This week, she slowed down on eating. After an exam where the vet heard an irregular heartbeat, he gave her an EKG, which determined her heart was ‘dropping’ half the beats. Congestive heart failure. This was *not* present a few months ago when she had her dental and other procedures.. she was monitored by EKG then.

My question to you is, given that this is a progressive disease, how far would you go to extend her life? Would you install a pacemaker? I’d have to use Care Credit for 6 months or more to pay for it if I do… and without the pacemaker, she may have died by then.

Online research refers to medications, but honestly, how effective are they?

Isn’t the prognosis dismal for CHF in dogs? Less than a year?

What would you do and what steps would you take to extend her life?
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