This is a remake of “save castiel” once he passed. My beautiful Shiba Inu 9 weeks old, he was diagnosed with Parvo Bought from Petland 453 N. Alafaya Trail Orlando FL He originated from Circle B Farms, LLC Hunstville, MO Born 6/5/2011 Adopted 8/8/2011 00 8/11/11 Diagnosed with coccidosis and kennel cough 8/15/11 (midnight) Diagnosed with Parvo in Emergency Vet 8/17/11 Third day of hospitalized IV treatment prices up to 00 8/18/11 Castiel passed on this morning at 8:30am succumbed to his illnesses. Total Medical Costs 92 Thank you for watching and never forget him. I had no idea of the dangers of petstores and puppy mills before this purchase I want to inform everyone not to buy from Petland. Its a great emotional struggle, and I have deeply learned my Lesson Yes Castiel was named after the angel in the show Supernatural

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