I think e-vets are there for life and limb emergencies, what constitutes an emergency is life and limb? This is a very abbreviated overview of my assessment for life and limb emergencies. Was this a sudden onset or chronic illness, has the condition changed? ABCs – airway, breathing, circulation (signs of difficulty breathing and poor circulation/shock go to e-vet). I then review level of consciousness- neurological signs, are they altered in any way, is their eating, drinking and gait intact? For traumatic injuries I review the above and look at DCAPBTLS; deformity, contusion, abrasions, penetrating wounds, burns, tenderness, lacerations, swelling and judge the severity. What’s my general impression, then gather is the dog too much pain of too uncomfortable to wait till morning?

I see this all the time after hours on Y!A. "Get the dog to the vet ASAP". When I read ASAP, I interpret that as an E-Vet but the dog had a bout of diarrhea, maybe some blood in the stool which in my opinion can wait till morning with monitoring. My vet even tried making me schedule my appt 3 days out for my little girl who had a really bad bout of diarrhea, I got them to double book for the next day by saying "it’s bad enough she should get checked out sooner", the diarrhea resolved its self before we even got in to the expedited appt with basic home remedies. A single seizure with no other clinical signs IMO is not an emergency, if it’s status seizures (multiple seizure or last over 2 minutes) it’s an emergency. Is limping really an emergency or can it wait till the AM? Honestly, while there are idiots on here that search the internet when the dog should already be loaded in the car, I also think people kinda jump the gun sending an ear infection or kennel cough to the e-vet…
Let’s see… I took my parrot in for bleeding that I couldn’t get to stop when he flew into a sharp table corner. Then a 16y/o border collie who radomly showed geriatric vestibular disease before I knew what that was, 3 days later she was put to sleep. Also a 14y/o shit tzu who had a seizure disorder who started having multiple seizure over night. Then I had a young bc who I woulda taken to the evet for a major to bleed, after 3 days of my vet having me treat at home, he had an especially bad night and I brought him in to be admitted, which was an emergency.

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