Chris GloningerBALLSTON SPA — It’s a relatively new virus for canines. “It’s been out there since 2004,” said Dr. Stephanie Todd from the Harmony Veterinary Clinic. Doctor Stephanie Todd is talking about canine influenza. “There are hot beds of it in New York City, especially in Brooklyn and in Denver, Colorado,” said Todd. Doctor Todd diagnosed the first confirmed case in the capital region and it all has to do with ‘Superstorm Sandy.’ “At least one truck load of dogs came up here after Sandy. The people really wanted to help the dogs, because the shelters down there are over filled. They needed to ship the dogs to other areas the trouble is you can import diseases that way,” said Todd. The virus isn’t spread through the air, but an infected canine can be highly contagious. “This virus is easily spread by contact with body fluids – sharing food dishes, water dishes,” said Todd. Doctor Todd told CBS6 that you’ll need to take your dog to the vet if he or she is experiencing a dry cough, the first symptom. It’s something to take seriously, since it can turn into pneumonia, which can be deadly. “The dogs with the short noses – the Bulldogs and the Boston terriers are at a higher risk,” said Todd. Todd does recommend that your dog be vaccinated if your holiday travel plans take you to Denver or New York City.CBS6 StaffEven mans best friend can be under the weather.Our partners at The Daily Gazette report that local veterinarians are seeing an influx of dogs infected by

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