I adopted a rescue puppy last week, (11 weeks old) and one of my first orders of business as a new puppy mom was to take her to the vet for a physical and continue where the shelter left off with her vaccines. I brought all the paperwork that was provided to me by the shelter and the vet’s office found it hard to understand and ended up calling them to see what shots she already had. The vet didn’t want to overload her little system with unnecessary medicine. Well, after speaking to the original vet they said she only had a kennel cough vaccine and so he wanted her to come back as soon as possible for her first distemper shot. I asked at that point for a vaccination schedule for her- (she’s my first puppy,) and he said 3 distemper shots- 4 weeks apart and then at 6 months old she will receive a rabies vaccine. I am confused because he didn’t mention Parvo or Hepatitis. Should I ask him why he isn’t administering those shots for her? He is a very reputable vet and I am sure he knows what he is doing. My problem is, I foster for a local rescue- (how I found my baby) and although I don’t plan to foster again until she is at least 6 months, I don’t want to chance her catching something from a foster dog, especially now that I know that the only vaccine they give the puppies is kennel cough! I also don’t want to give her vaccines she doesn’t need as I know there are risks with all of that stuff. What should I do? Thanks!

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