I have a 15 week old Yorkie puppy that was purchased from a breeder. He is currently taking puppy classes, and also was recently taken to get a trim at a local dog groomer. The last week or so I’ve noticed that he has been dry heaving, sneezing, and snoring while sleeping (which he never did in the past). Otherwise, his temperament is completely normal….he is playful and energetic, and seems to be eating and drinking just fine. Everything seems normal with his urinary and bowel movements. He gets plenty of exercise (walks, lots of play) and is eating Wellness brand dog food (a brand with very high-quality ingredients). He has been vaccinated (including kennel cough), and will recieve his last round of shots next week.

I called the vet today (Sunday) about his symptoms and she explained that it sounded like an Upper Respiratory Infection. I am not able to make him an appointment until tomorrow, so I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this sort of illness in dogs. Does this sound serious?

Thank you!

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