www.shorewoodvet.com Puppy Dog Rabies Shots by Dr. Ken Overmeyer Hi. My name is Dr. Ken Overmeyer from Shorewood Animal Hospital in Shorewood, Illinois. Thanks for watching our video today. Today I will be talking a little bit about dog vaccination, from puppyhood to adulthood and our philosophy about it. There’s been a lot of controversy over vaccinations in the last 7-8 years, so we’d like to tell you how we, at Shorewood Animal Hospital, feel. First of all the first vaccination is usually given at 6-8 weeks of age, depending on whether or not the puppy has been exposed to numerous other dogs. If the puppy comes from a large population, the first vaccine is given at 6 weeks of age and a re-boost at 8 weeks of age. I will be talking about vaccinations from 8 weeks on and that’s typically what most of our dogs get. Puppy Dog Rabies Shots — Vaccines The vaccine that we use here at Shorewood Animal Hospital is called distemper and it really has 4 vaccines in it distemper, hepatitis, parvo and parainfluenza. We do not vaccinate for corona anymore since it is a self-limiting virus. If the dog gets it, it usually goes away. We really don’t want to give anymore vaccines that are unnecessary. So, we give our first distemper vaccine at 8 weeks of age. The next distemper vaccine is at 12 weeks of age, 4 weeks after the first one. At that point, we also give what is called bordetella commonly known as kennel cough vaccination. We only do this once. It is an intra-nasal vaccine and

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