I’m in Australia, I just wanted to post this to make people aware. When my partner took our puppy Max to the vet months ago for his shots, he was told that the kennel cough vaccine wasn’t necessary as we didn’t have plans to put him in a kennel. Not knowing any different, he took the vet’s advice and didn’t get the vaccine for it. Fast forward 6 months later, and after a visit to a dog park, Max gets sick.

When I took him to the vet (the same one), the vet nurse at the front desk can immediately tell it’s kennel cough because they have seen such a huge number of cases. My immediate thought was that they are seeing so many cases because they are telling everyone not to get the vaccine! Eighty bucks later, with antibiotics in hand we leave with the diagnosis that it is indeed kennel cough. I had suspected some sort of dishonesty at the time, but it wasn’t until this morning and a phone call to the dog trainer that confirmed it. After telling him about the vet’s recommendation that he not get the shot, the trainer told me that it’s quite common for vets to do this because they can make THOUSANDS of dollars in a week because kennel cough is so infectious and common. It’s disgusting that vet’s can deceive people about this when they know that the dog is so likely to get sick. I’m not saying all vets do it, my other dog received her full vaccinations from another vet.

If the vet recommends you to avoid the full vaccination, tell them to get stuffed and get the full vaccine. Even if you don’t have plans to put them in a kennel, if they are going to come in contact with another dog at any stage, get the shot.

Anyone else experienced this?

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