My 3 month old puppy, Nellie, sneezes some. Its been happening for a while now. SHe is not sneezing CONSTANTLY but every once in a while she slips two or three sneezes. WHen we are playing in/out while she runs she randomly sneezes. WHen she is lying down, she sneezes a few times. Like I said, its not to much but 5 times a day.
ANything to worry about? Kennel cough, maybe? She’s not coughing, shes sneezing. Well, I’m not exactly sure what a dogs cough sounds like either. DOes it sound like a human cough?

When I kinda pull back her eyelid instead of white being in the background its a more pink-ish colour. Anything to worry about?

Filed under: What is Kennel Cough?

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