our boxer puppy is 13 weeks
he got his bortatella vaccination in the nose and now has a reaction. it has been 8 days since the vaccination.

we are so worried. talked to the vet- they said to give him benadrill, so we are….but I dont know when this will go away,,,,

has this happened to anyone’s doggy??????
day 1 – evening -same day vaccine was given he had kennel caugh 3 times (about 8 seconds each) dry nothings came out
day 2 was ok
day 3 was ok
day 4 sneezing and runny nose (this day gave him benadril for the first time/just 1 time)
day 5 sneezing and runny nose
day 6 kenneth cough about 4 times this day/ runny nose
day7 -all day he was fine, kind of and THEN All NIGHT (every 2 hours or 1 hour kennel cough …little runny nose (gave him Benadril – every 8 to 12 hours)
day 8 – kenneth cough maybe half of the first part of the day/then got better /and at night started again every half hour……….also/…little runny nose (gave him bennadril every 8-12 hours)

symptoms: runny nose/ kenneth c….but last night he was up every hour making choking sounds….he was caghing up white stuff with bubbles….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– stuff coming out of nose is clear
-che checked temperature and it was 101.4 today
he eats ok and is playful….looks a little sad to me maybe sometimes but maybe he is sleepy

I hope this goes away….. 🙁 ????
and soon

please let me know ur experiences
thanks SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!
– again/all night he woke up caughing up….it sounds so scary! It’s like he is choking….and sometimes the sound goes for good 10 seconds

He Also Threw up his last snack from the night…….(first time we see him do that)

-he is about 18lbs

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